Our Mission

Our mission is simple: “To see all children learn a life-saving life enhancing skill. To take those skills and transfer them into other areas in life so not only they will become a strong confident swimmer but they will be strong confident individuals.”

We want to see our students learn to enjoy swimming, and help them to grow as individuals. Our mission and ethos behind this drives our work, and passing on this enthusiasm and passion for swimming to each and every one of our students is the key to success for both us and them. We want to teach as many children and adults to swim as possible, as we believe this fun and life-saving skill is essential for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Our instructors work hard to deliver our unique teaching methods developed by Angela during her time training for the Olympics, and we believe that teaching children to become strong and confident swimmers will help them become strong and confident people. And that’s a mission statement we’re proud of.

If you are interested in lessons or signing up to Angela’s Swim School, look for your nearest location instructor for prices and availability.

How to Book

We tailor our swimming lessons to the needs of all our students. If you’d like to book or want to know about our prices and available lessons, contact your nearest Angela’s Swim School.


Angela’s Swim School is proud to teach from over a dozen locations, nationally and internationally. Find your nearest swim school now.

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