Level 3

(featuring Aqua Pacific)

At this stage, students should be confident enough to swim with no arm bands. Level 3 lessons are still 4 to 6 in a class to ensure students get the focus and attention they need. The children will now able to swim all 3 strokes; front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke. Time is spent on improving technique and stamina. By gaining strength in the water, the children will be ready to move onto lengths. In each lesson the children are expected to work on bilateral breathing, and treading water is introduced. The children enjoy the lessons at this level and are rewarded with their 100 metres before progressing to the length class.

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How to Book

We tailor our swimming lessons to the needs of all our students. If you’d like to book or want to know about our prices and available lessons, contact your nearest Angela’s Swim School.


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