Level 5

Lifesaving Skills & Rookie Lifeguard
(featuring Atlantis)

Level 5 is the most important level as we want the children to complete the course and be fully competent in being able to swim all 4 strokes to the best of their ability. We need the swimmers to be strong and have gained in strength and stamina. We are looking for the swimmers to have a good understanding of lifesaving skills and could have them complete their bronze silver and gold survival awards.

Children should be encouraged now to swim for 45 mins twice a week maybe even increase in time and sessions to an hour depending on their ability to really make the most of this programme and achieve the results. Parents cannot expect their children to progress when still only swimming once a week as they did as 4 year old beginners, there has to be an increase to time and sessions spent in the pool to really achieve these results. At this level we are preparing the swimmers for club swimming or to go into other sports, not necessarily swimming, but the skills they will gain from this level will enable them to be the best that they can be. They will also learn time keeping, discipline, sharing a lane with other swimmers, sportsmanship , confidence, agility, gain friendships helping others and how to accept winning and losing.

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