3-5 years

(Featuring the Little Swimstylers)

What do we expect from this level?

The aim of this level is to build confidence in your preschool child. This is achieved by using armbands and floats that encourage your child to learn to swim on their own from the beginning. We keep class sizes small, with typically 4 to 6 children in a group.

This level aims to grow and bring on your preschooler’s confidence of being in the water. By swimming on their own with the help of armbands and floats, with their teacher by their side, children gradually increase swimming distances. They are also introduced to the arm and leg movements of the three main swim strokes. Building up their knowledge, with plenty of opportunities to practise the movements, children begin to grow a real love for swimming as well as a strong sense of pride in their own achievements. Developmental exercises such as swimming through hoops and push and glides helps build swimmer confidence and reinforce just how enjoyable learning to swim can be!

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How to Book

We tailor our swimming lessons to the needs of all our students. If you’d like to book or want to know about our prices and available lessons, contact your nearest Angela’s Swim School.


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