Angela appearing in episode 10, Teen Mum Academy

Our baby lessons filmed for Channel 4

We all want to give our children the best start in life. That’s a given whatever age you become a parent. So, the swim school was delighted to be chosen earlier this year to be filmed for Channel 4 to show young mums just how natural and joyful their babies’ first swimming lessons can be.

The project was for Teen Mum Academy, a show where entrepreneur Jess Lizama sets out to help six young women nurture career ambitions and obtain key life skills while juggling childcare needs. As well as an opportunity to reassure these mums what a fantastic experience being in the water with their child is, Angela really valued the entrepreneurial help being offered to the young women.

Filming went ahead at London’s iconic Crystal Palace National Swimming Centre this spring and the show is now available to watch all episodes on All4. You can see Angela’s teaching style and how these young mums enjoyed their lessons in episode 10, season finale. Find the full season of Teen Mum Academy on Channel 4 on demand now.

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