Angela's Swim School instructors, Leah, Millie & Becca

Our instructors share Angela’s passion for swimming

We share Angela’s teaching methods across all of our venues so that every lesson is full of her passion and teaching techniques. Many of our instructors know first-hand just what it feels like to be taught by Angela as she was their instructor when they learnt to swim as young children! Now, strong and experienced swimmers themselves, we ask three of our teaching team to share what it felt like journeying from a non-swimmer, to ultimately swimming a mile – the programme taught at Angela’s Swim School in partnership with our six Swimstyler characters.

Leah is a regular instructor at our Bromley and Dartford pools. “It’s been a dream to swim and work here. Angela’s Swim School has given me passion and drive for swimming since I was little Coral swimmer. I swam from Parent & Baby all the way through until Atlantis and had the best time of my life. That experience definitely made me want to be a swimming instructor. Being a swim teacher has given me so many opportunities, friends and experiences that I really don’t feel I would have found in any other role. Working at Angela’s has really given me the confidence that one day, with hard work, I will run my own franchise of the swim school.”

Angela's Swim School instructor as a child with swimming award

A young Leah proudly shows her latest swimming certificate

Millie learnt to swim at David Lloyd and Dartford Grammar School for Girls. She regularly teaches at our Bromley High School venue. “I began swimming with Angela in a parent and baby group she ran at my local David Lloyd fitness centre when it was called Next Generation. She taught me all through until I reached the Atlantis advanced level. After completing the main set of badges, I went into their Rookie Lifeguard course and continued swimming after this to build further stamina and because it’s such a confidence boost to keep getting better. Alongside my lessons, I started working at the school as an assistant and learnt so much from the regular instructors. Becoming a swimming teacher has really sky rocketed my confidence and pushed me to apply for my dream job in Child Nursing.”

toddler swimming independently in armbands at Angela's Swim School

Baby Becca overcomes early fears to become a confident preschooler in the pool

Becca has been part of the teaching team at Bromley High School for about a year. “I grew from a nervous toddler to swimming instructor and it’s all thanks to Angela. I first started swimming at Angela’s Swim School at just five months old. I don’t remember it but my mum and Angela always remind me that I used to scream during classes! It’s Angela’s patience and determination that helped my mum and I not to give up with lessons and it was worth it; I was only five years old when I swam my first 400m! Now, as a newly qualified Level 1 swimming instructor I enjoy so much seeing other children thrive and overcome their nerves; even last week I managed to coax a nervous swimmer into the pool and completely relax them. I love seeing children face challenges and watch them progress.”

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