Parent & Baby, Toddler and Preschool Swimming Lessons

Develop your child’s swimming ability with our trusted and established swim school

Parent & Baby, Parent & Toddler and Preschool swimming lessons in your area.

Our Coral lessons for babies, toddlers and preschoolers help children feel water confident from very young. Plus, parents/carers take part in baby and toddler lessons which really adds to a child’s experience. We teach safe baby holding techniques and a range of swimming skills so young learners have the best water experience. Coral lessons with parents for babies and toddlers, plus preschooler classes with teachers in the water.

Specialist Coral lessons available for:

💦 Parent & baby (4 – 24 months)
💦 Parent & child (24 – 36 months)
💦 Preschool (3 – 5 years)

Early lessons introduce swimming basics with action songs that help children remember what to do. Week by week, children, their adults and our teaching teams work together to develop a range of introductory swimming skills to boost children’s ability and water confidence. It’s all done at an ideal pace for young children in an enjoyable, safe environment. Find out more about our lessons and levels by enquiring today!

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    Angela Wilson swam competitively for Team GB. Her teaching techniques build on this and her 20+ years as an instructor to make Angela’s Swim School a major provider of lessons in the South East. We have pools in many locations across Kent, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, London & Surrey.

    “My dream is to see all children taught to swim properly: for them to be happy as they learn water skills and safety, grow in confidence and enjoy a physical workout.”

    Meet the Swimstylers

    Coral is the first Level in our Swimstylers learn-to-swim journey created by Angela to teach, engage and motivate children to want to become very strong swimmers. Angela’s Swim School, in partnership with The Swimstylers, offers a staged approach to teaching swimming skills and stamina that sees babies and non-swimmers to ultimately go on to achieve a 1500m swim.

    Join us and swim with the Swimstylers.

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