Swim star to business star


Angela Wilson is a former team GB swimmer with ASD Spectrum Disorder and ADHD who has experienced success and failure in her life. The setbacks only made her stronger and more determined to succeed. This is her story. Angela (pictured right), showed potential from a very early age and was selected for the Scottish team as when just 11 years old. She dominated Scottish swimming for 10 years and was selected for the Olympic team at the age of 15 after qualifying at the European Games with the 4th fastest time in the world. She marginally missed out on competing due to a change in the UK qualifying standards.
Following this disappointment Angela continued to train for the Commonwealth Games and qualified in five events for Scotland. She made the final despite having taken three months off from training following a serious horse riding accident while on a family holiday in California. Angela began teaching while competing at international level and realised she could give something back by helping others, particularly focusing on technique. The drive and determination which she demonstrated during her competitive swimming career has been brought to the outstanding business she has grown from nothing – Angela’s Swim School.
Over the last 20 years Angela has taught thousands of children and adults to swim and has enjoyed seeing tremendous results from her clients, including medals won at the World Transplant Games, children being selected to carry the Olympic torch in 2012 for their achievements in swimming and, more recently, several being selected for Team GB. Many of her young clients could swim over a mile at only five years of age. Some of her early pupils are now becoming instructors and franchisees. Angela has dedicated herself to helping others achieve amazing things. Her focus is to change and improve lives both through swimming and through her business. She encourages people to use their setbacks and disappointments as the motivation for success. Angela’s swim school was successfully franchised in 2014 seeing 18 franchises signed in 18 months. In two years Angela has seen the business double in size not only geographically but also financially. In 2015 she was a finalist in both the Lloyds Bank National Business awards and the EWIF – Encouraging Women in Franchising.
Angela’s Swim School uses tried and tested methods developed by Angela during her training. The outstanding strength of the school differentiates it from other swim schools. The unique method of teaching is designed to bring benefits throughout life – helping people achieve success in all areas of their lives. Angela has passed this onto her adopted daughter who also has ASD spectrum disorder and ADHD, watching her grow and achieve her own success has inspired Angela to pass her skills onto other children with disadvantages and disabilities. She is an active Lady Taverner and now helps the charity raise thousands of pounds for disabled children. The company has recently rebranded and updated our website and the mission is simple – to see children learn a life-saving, life-enhancing skill and to take those skills and transfer them into other areas in life so not only will they become strong, confident swimmers but they will become strong confident individuals. Angela’s Swim School’s new logo – Swim to Win at Life sums this up perfectly.
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