Holiday Swimming Lessons this Summer!

Keep swimming all summer long…

Join us for swimming lessons during the school summer holidays to boost swim skills and water confidence. They make the perfect continuation of term-time lessons or are a great way to get to know us.

Options to suit you!

We know there’s lots to organise in the summer. That’s why we give you the choice – book daily lessons at one of our 4-day Crash Courses or choose weekly lessons at a Saturday Summer School.

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    Learn with the Swimstylers

    Children work through six defined levels in our Swimstylers learn-to-swim programme. This has been created by Angela to teach, engage and motivate children to become very strong swimmers. Angela’s Swim School, in partnership with The Swimstylers, offers a staged approach to teaching swimming skills and stamina that sees babies, non-swimmers and beginners all flourish to ultimately go on to achieve a 1500m swim.

    Teaching led by former Team GB swimmer

    Angela Wilson swam competitively for team GB and firmly believes we all learn best when engaged and enjoying ourselves. Her insight and winning techniques have been developed over 25 years and have made Angela’s Swim School a major provider of lessons in the South East, with lessons at pools in many locations across Kent, Essex, East Sussex, London & Surrey.

    “My dream is to see all children being taught to swim properly: for them to be happy as they learn water skills and safety, grow in confidence and enjoy a physical workout.”

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