Our Style

At Angela’s Swim School, we’ve kept our unique, tried and tested teaching method consistent ever since the very first day and the very first student. We strongly believe in our unique teaching method, and it has been key to our success for many years. Our instructors are not only passionate about swimming, but also seeing others achieve their goals and we aim to transfer that enthusiasm for swimming into each and every one of our students.

From the very first lesson, we focus on ensuring all our students build their confidence in the water. From there, they discover just how much fun swimming is. Once they are happy and confident in the water, we work on developing their breaststroke, front crawl and butterfly, building up their confidence and encouraging them to enjoy themselves.

Our unique teaching method has worked consistently for all our students, from the very first. We are very proud of our style and the way we instruct all our students, and we believe it shows in the glowing enthusiasm in all our instructors. We love nothing more than seeing others achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may be. Whether you are a first-time swimmer or an experienced swimmer with big athletic dreams, our instructors will work with you to help you achieve them, and to set new goals when you meet them.

Look for your nearest Angela’s Swim School instructor too see the lessons available. We would love to see you with us, and to teach you not just how to swim, but to swim with style!

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How to Book

We tailor our swimming lessons to the needs of all our students. If you’d like to book or want to know about our prices and available lessons, contact your nearest Angela’s Swim School.


Angela’s Swim School is proud to teach from over a dozen locations, nationally and internationally. Find your nearest swim school now.

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