Anxious swimmer soon settles in!!

My son Thomas, moved to Angela’s at Dartford in January 2022. He is quite an anxious child and doesn’t like change so this was a big thing for him moving to new swimming lessons. He had a little wobble as he went into his first session but your team were absolutely fantastic and he was smiling again within minutes. He loves lessons with you and can’t wait to go every week. Swimming is massively important to him as he was born with cerebral palsy and it is the one exercise that helps with his pain management as well as relaxing the tone in his muscles. You work him hard but he is just so happy in his lessons. Thought it was important to let you know what a relief it has been to me that he has settled almost immediately and enjoys it so much! Extremely happy that we chose you to continue his swimming journey and a massive thanks to your fantastic team!

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