Caring attitude

This is a testimonial about Wendy, Angela’s Swim School East Sussex

My daughter Violet is 5 years old and isn’t confident in the swimming pool even though she has swimming lesson once a week at school I enrolled her with Wendy on a Saturday morning. Wendy was fully aware of Violets lack of confidence in the water and couldn’t have put anymore effort in helping and supporting Violet in her lessons.

Violet has become very attached to Wendy because of her caring attitude, support and encouragement she gives her on each lesson and by also  making  it fun which is why Violet trusts her in the water and as a parent couldn’t ask for a better swimming teacher for her and wouldn’t take her elsewhere.

Since attending the swimming lessons Violets confidence has grown massively and now able to swim with aid and this is all down to Wendy so thank you very much

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