Encouragement made a beautiful swimmer

Both my boys learned to swim with Angela at a very early age the eldest began at 3 months and the youngest at 6 months.  Angela made the lessons suitable for the ages she taught incorporating nursery rhymes and games and up to the age of 3 a parent is in the pool with the children we finished swimming lessons when both boys reached the age of 10 as studying for 11 plus and homework took over.  One of my boys took to swimming like a fish to water learning all his strokes and lifesaving badges and now at 15 years old is still a very strong and beautiful swimmer.  My youngest didn’t want to learn to swim at first and spent a few weeks hanging on desperately to me at the poolside crying not to go in the water.  After a few weeks of Angela’s encouragement, he took to the lessons and has also been a very good swimmer (now 12).

I am grateful to Angela for her perseverance with the boys and sharing her talent.  I have been confident letting the boys in the pool on their own from the ages of 5 upwards obviously keeping a watchful eye from the side.  Apart from the boys learning to swim I and they have made lifelong friends.  Thank you, Angela!

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