Instructor adapted his teaching

My daughter is 4 years old and is autistic. I really struggled to find a swim school locally that was willing to take her, which was frustrating as she really loves the water and I was keen for her to learn this vital life skill. I explained to the admin team some of my daughters challenging behaviours and stressed that I was worried how she would cope within a small group, as I did not want to disrupt the learning for the other children. The team were was very reassuring and said they would work with us to try to get the best result for my daughter. The first lesson did not go well as it was a complete change for her, but her instructor was fantastic with her and really persevered. The next lesson was much better, the teacher adapted his teaching to suit my daughters needs, we are now on Lesson four and she is loving it! She is asking to go swimming everyday and constantly talks about her instructor. This is absolutely fantastic and we can not thank the Swim school enough!

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