Life skills and qualities

I started my swimming lessons with Angela when I was 3 years old. Now, turning 21 this year, I still swim recreationally and as part of my University swimming club. The love of sport and swimming that you get from having swimming lessons carries through for the rest of your life and not simply just in those few years you may have lessons.

Learning how to swim has taught me so many life skills and qualities. From the age of 13 I started to swim competitively, competing at the Kent County championships and London Regionals for several years. The strict training sessions you had to follow to compete at this level helped make me the person I am today. Swimming not only keeps you fit and healthy but helps develops you into a hardworking and determined individual. Swimming at a high level exposes you to a world of healthy competition and importantly teaches you that the most difficult competition you face is yourself, as you try again and again to better your own personal bests and goals.

Aside from this, I made many memories training and competing at competitions and have made some life-long friends doing the sport. Not only this, but I myself also qualified as a swimming teacher and thoroughly enjoy teaching pupils of all ages and abilities.

Although I now focus more on my academic side, I still use the discipline, hard work and determination that swimming taught me as these qualities can so easily be applied to all aspects of life. During both my GSCEs and A-Levels I was competing at County and Regional standard but the fact that I knew I had to go training in the evening made me efficient and effectively organise my time.

Most importantly however, is the amazing teacher I had. Angela is one of the most dedicated and encouraging swimming teachers I have ever met. Despite having started lessons with her over 17 years ago, I can still remember some of my first swimming lessons with her because of the impact Angela has when she teaches. Her emphasis on technique and fostering a love for swimming is unrivalled and I could not recommend her more to anyone who is considering swimming lessons for their child or even themselves. There is no downside to learning how to swim and it is never too late to learn this skill that can quite literally save lives.

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