Relay Channel Swim!

My journey with swim lesson begun after an unfortunate accident due to being an over confident 3 year old around a swimming pool.


After being fished out from the bottom of the pool by my Dad, I was immediately placed in lesson and begun the Angela Swim School method. This technique allowed me to the go on and swim competitively for a squad and go on to compete for Kent.


At aged 16 I jumped at the chance to qualify as a swimming instructor and then begun to teach this method myself and work for Angela. This was extremely important as swimming is a great passion for me, I believe it to be one of the most valuable life skills and at times life saving. Having the ability to watch children progress and adults overcome fears to get back in the water is extremely rewarding.


Angela coached me to such a level I felt the pool wasn’t a challenge enough for me so at age 17 I begun training for a relay Channel Swim. We successfully completed this challenge in 16 hours and 46 minutes, and to date still on of my most cherished achievements.


Thanks to Angela Swim School I have had a sport which has shaped my childhood, provided me with a career and helped me to push my physical ability.

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