Training with Angela made me what I am today

I started swimming with Angela at the age of 4 starting off as a timid and nervous little girl, mostly crying into my goggles! But with Angela’s kind nature and encouragement I slowly grew in confidence, progressing up the stages and I ended up falling in love with the sport (and with Angela – I think it’s safe to say I was obsessed with her!) I eventually joined my local swimming club competing for Kent in my teenage years, still training with Angela for that extra push she provided. With Angela’s knowledge and experience of competitive swimming it allowed me to perfect my strokes and technique and get that edge on my competition.

Having spent so much time with Angela and learning from her, I decided to train as a swimming instructor myself, joining Angela’s team in 2010. I loved my time with Angela’s swim school and believe in the technique she uses to get the best out of the children we teach. I can see why she has been teaching for so many years, the feeling when you see a child you’ve been teaching swim for the first time without armbands is one I won’t forget!

I owe a lot to Angela and the confidence she gave me to work hard for what I wanted in both my swimming career, and my adult life. Without the push from Angela through both training and teaching I probably wouldn’t be the confident, independent young woman I am today. Thanks Angela!

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