“I have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, which also causes anxiety. My daughter and I share the same condition.

We both swim regularly as it helps to focus our energy into something positive. When you swim, it releases chemicals in the brain, allowing your mind to calm down. It also oxygenates the blood and increases good brain activity, allowing you to focus rather than panic.

That’s why I’m such an avid supporter of learning to swim properly. When you have the correct swimming technique, your body relaxes, allowing your mind to unwind. When you don’t swim properly, you’re tense and don’t breathe correctly. This doesn’t help with the stress or survival.

As you’re continually focused on the breathing, swimming is a wonderful tool for helping develop strategies to cope with pressures. The better your technique the further you can swim, the better your breathing.

I still swim every week to help me cope with life. It has been my life saver in more ways than one.”

Angela Wilson #WorldMentalHealthDay

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